Facts about Kerry blue terriers and their personality

TerrierThe Kerry blue terrier is a dog breed that is extremely unfashionable despite of its remarkable traits. This kind of canines was first bred in Ireland in the 19th century to control a vermin invasion of rats, hares and badgers. Over the years, its staunch loyalty and hunting spirit have transformed this race into one of the favorite escorts of Irish shepherds.

Kerry terriers love outdoor activities

If you are planning to adopt a Kerry blue terrier make sure that you have an open yard. This breed has been born to roam the Irish countryside and its curious nature will never be satisfied in a two-bedroom apartment. It would be wiser to leave it with a friend from a rural area that you and your Prague escort can visit every now and then.

A terrier with a friendly personality

The Kerry blue terrier is one of the friendliest dogs out there. This hound is highly-ranked on the list of canines that are best suited for family life. Even from a tender age this puppy is great with kids and its joyous vivacity will engage your children in a positive way. Also, once it reaches its adult stage, the Irish terrier is perfectly safe to keep around friends and escorts without fearing an incident.

Never a case of the Irish Blues

The Kerry blue terrier is always on the lookout for something interesting to happen and you will rarely see him napping in the middle of the day. Because of its joyous personality, the Irish terrier makes a great companion to bring on your first date with a Prague escort. These beautiful women from the Escort Directory love to be entertained and an energetic pup like the Kerry blue will surely impress her.

The terrier with the most expensive grooming

There is one downside to owning a pet of this type: its fur. This breed is covered in a wool-like coat that is hard to maintain without periodic visits to the pet stylist. Clipping should never be delayed for more than six weeks. Otherwise the dog will overheat under the excessive weight of its own fur. If you have decided to adopt an Irish terrier you might have to reconsider your escorts’ budget in order to afford it.

Kerry terriers love to bark

When they were first bred, those terriers were intended to fight off the crop-eating pests of 19th century Ireland. While this does not constitute a problem anymore, the instinct has remained a strong characteristic of the terrier’s behavior. This is why it will often bark at anything that moves: birds, mice, snakes and even passing planes. This is a hard mechanism to eliminate through training, so make sure that you are aware of this issue before adopting one. Otherwise, a romantic home dinner with your Prague escort will have a constant soundtrack of growls, snarls and howls.

Kerry blue terriers are hard to find

There are very few licensed trainer of Kerry blue terriers nowadays. If you truly want to purchase one, you will have to enroll on a lengthy waiting list. To go around a process that could easily last a decade, ask one of your escorts if they can make good use of their networking skills and put you in direct contact with an Irish terrier breeder.